Sophia Maria (darkpoet) wrote in inner_chaos,
Sophia Maria

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I am You

i'm tired of being kind to people,
when all i get in turn is shit
nasty looks of hate
from the breed of the decay
...socity i see today.

I rise my fingure to the air
the one that stands out
when you really don't give a fuck.

I scream out words

but no one hears

i stitched my mouth up

not saying a word to this

I am silenced

I hold my breath in...
for i no longer
want life

But i still want to live

You have done what can not be undone
there is no going back,
there is no saving ...

i hate

i cry

I feel dead inside

You and this God are nothing to me
You and the devil will never please me

Go your own way
get lost
dont come back

I don't want you
here, take your heart back

I see my reflection
I stare at my eyes

i am nothing
i am no one
but still i don't want to die

I am
Nothing to you

I am
Nothing to me

I am
Nothing to this world

But still I wear the ring...
my devotion upon you lord
is grey

I am you lord
I am I in the reflection of your eye

i am a mischief of this decay!
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