Sophia Maria (darkpoet) wrote in inner_chaos,
Sophia Maria

do you believe?

Hello again, how have you been...
As a voice whispers inside my head

.. i think i am ok

yet then again, are you ever ok...

your voices were trying to break in again....

screaming at your faith,

making your heart bleed...

what do you want to believe in?

i don't believe in fairytales,
i'm much to old for that

I don't believe in love
for love can fade
love breaks

I don't believe in faith,
it's never gotten me anything

I don't believe in feeling
what's there to feel anyway

I used to belive in somethings
but all that has gone away

I used to feel lucky,
as if Godhad once loved me
But God has gone away-
he left me and there is nothing
left to save.

I don't have tear drops,
they will never fall down my face,
crying is for the weak, well
i guess, thats what they say

I scream at my demonds
in violent rage
but it's my own reflection...

what is left to belive in

i was left behind...

god came and took his people
the devil devoured the damned

i am left alone


i don't believe in souls
i don't belive in God
I don't belive in anger
i don't believe in hope
i don't believe ... what the fuck you say

I don't believe

in what you say

i don't believe

i don't belive in me
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