Sophia Maria (darkpoet) wrote in inner_chaos,
Sophia Maria

love is Evol Evol is love

a new day has risen
the old days have pasted
i am no longer here for myself
thanks for memories that forever last ....

i think to myself,
as i stare at my reflection
how can you live with yourself,
knowing that time will never heal,
how can you respect yourself
knowing the mistakes you've made,
old patterns are always the same
can nothing ever change?

I wont love myself

i wont love

until i am forgiven

i repent,
as i kneel on broken glass,
light my candle and
sew my hands together,
whisper a spoken prayer to my God
but it was never recieved
God has tuned me out
and left me kneeling on my bloody knees.
I am not damned
yet i am not saved

Love is a game
twisted and vandictive
yet victorious in better days
Love is a decay
like a soilder dying in war.

is Love free?

we pay the consequences
for its affairs

Love makes you weak,
yet in the right light
we find it's strength

love is evol

as evol is love
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